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Weekly Specials!

BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS (Friday & Saturday Only)

We are open from 10-7 on Friday & Saturday!!!  

 Chimera Aquatics Gold Marble, and the Phillipine Blue Pinoy Angelfish:  Reg $9.99, Only $4.99ea!!!

   Coral is 50% Off and Live Rock is only $4.99 per pound, our Caribsea Life Rock, Base Rock, and Base Rock Shelf are 25% off per pound,

 all Driftwood is 35%, and Seachem Tidal Filters are 25% off, Seachem Vibrant Sea Salt (220 & 60 gallon mix) 25% off!!!

All Saltwater and Freshwater Fish and Inverts are 25% off, Rose Bubble Anemones are $34.99!!!

All Freshwater Live Plants are 25% off!!!


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